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Web Design Trends for 2012

Watching trends is also an invaluable metric for understanding the larger economics at play. When the Web 2.0 look developed, why did glossy, beveled edges and reflections dominate new design?  The ease-of-use created by CSS3 has opened the web up to new possibilities. And large footers with sub-menus?  New SEO algorithms and a shifting importance on User Accessibility directed designers towards revising traditional elements.

Each coming new trends also force developers and designers to the way of usability.  In common saying, all web project makes some updates in yearly period.

So we can start of the latest trends this year;

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Free HTML5 Website Templates

HTML5 is the most popular keywords searched in this year 2012.  Here are some quality HTML5 website templates ;

Free  HTML5 Templates

CleanRed HTML5

CleanRed HTML5


                  Demo     Download

Elegant Press HTML5 / CSS3

Elegant Press


Demo   Download

Shinra HTML5

Shinra HTML5


Demo       Download

Small Business HTML5

Small Business HTML5

Demo      Download

HTML5 Blog

HTML5 Blog

Demo       Download

Amazing stats of last year

There has been almost 2 years, has start the advanture.  Our visitors make us so popular and excited so much.  Since August 2011,  we had 1,000,000 unique visitors and 3 million pageviews.

100,000 downloads in last year.

500,000 demo views in last year.


So,  thanks to all our kindly visitors.


Most Popular Free Administration Panel Templates

According to our “last 2 month stats”, here is a list of, most viewed and downloaded admin skin templates.

#1 CSS Admin Panel

CSS Admin Panel

DEMO View & Download

#2 IN Admin Panel

IN Admin Panel

DEMO View & Download

#3 Ajax Admin CMS

Ajax Admin CMS

DEMO View & Download

#4 Adminiziolite – Admin

Adminiziolite  Free Admin Template

DEMO View & Download

#5 Spring Time Adminskin

Spring time Admin

DEMO View & Download

How to use Website Templates

Using a website template for the backbone of your website
A great way to start your website is to use a ready-made website template. This is especially true if you are new to web page layout and graphics techniques in general. By using a website template you will save yourself a lot of time and learn a lot in the process also, it will go a long way in helping you to learn how to design a website.

Select your website template carefully
You can save a lot of time and effort by using a website template as the backbone of your site. I say backbone because no matter what type of template you use it will be impersonal and not necessarily a reflection of what you are trying to express. In other words you will want your website to be unique to you and your message. So select your template carefully.

Selecting and implementing a website template
I personally like to start with a template that suits my needs (i.e. color, style, etc.) then customize it by editing. Be careful about copyright infringement and be sure that the source of your template offers it without any strings attached, even if you are purchasing it. Some of the sites offering free website templates retain their copyright and the templates they provide are theirs, not yours. Buying the rights to a successful web template can be an expensive proposition so choose with care.

Know what you are looking for when selecting your template
There are literally thousands of website templates available on the web. Some are free and some can run up into the hundreds of dollars. Just do a search for website templates on one of the major search engines and you will be overwhelmed by the number of offerings that are available. Have a good idea of what you are looking for before you start and that will help narrow down your search.

Become familiar with your new template
Once you have decided on a template download it to your computer and place all of the files into a new folder named for your website. Using your browser click your way through the site and become familiar with it and have a good handle on how it works. Now its time to consider the one element that will make or break a website, content.

Your content determines what website template to choose
Decide on your content up front. Your content is the heart of your website. This is what will make it unique. Other people may be using the same template that you are so the content of your website is what will make it different from theirs. Also, knowing the content of your website helps you in the selection of the proper template to showcase what you have to say.

Every webmaster wants a unique website that stands out from the crowd.Using pre designed templates is one way to accomplish this. But, remember that other webmasters may be using the same template so you must make yours unique.

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Making use of Free Website Templates

Free Website Templates

Ahead of beginning the discussion concerning the pros and cons of making use of a template to style a web page, we must know what exactly it’s. Spoken in a very layman’s time period, a internet site template is actually a pre-designed web page that you’ll be able to purchase after which customize a similar by including your personal articles to launch your own personal website. The website templates can be customized with regards to coloration, photos and content material and keep little to creativeness as regards the finish item. Even so, it has each strengths and negatives.

Some in the positive aspects of utilizing a website template to style and design a web page are:

All set to make use of

Employing a web template to design a world-wide-web site ensures that you just get precisely everything you see and which you usually do not ought to fear about making a skilled world-wide-web designer comprehend your specifications. In addition, it is possible to make you website look quite diverse through the template by incorporating copyrighted information and photos. Following a exclusive shade scheme will also support.

Saves time

In right now’s reduce-throat world wherever time is cash, you can not pay for to spend weeks on developing a internet site. By using a website template you may jump commence your website in the make a difference of several nights, as soon as you’re all set using your content material and image traditional bank. The quicker turnaround time will assist you to get an edge in excess of competitors.


Making use of a internet site template to layout a website is the perfect alternative for commence-up organizations which can be generally brief on funds. Even though an eye-catching web page template is available for as reduced as $35-$60, hiring a skilled site designer to style a customized site is likely to ship you back by $5000.

Numerous Alternatives

The decision of using templates to style your site will even supply you the edge of numerous options as a variety of website templates are accessible on the web. It is possible to browse through the web to choose the web template the perfect suits your desires. In addition, you’ll be able to also gain from the standard updates that these templates come with to ensure that your site is compatible with all the most current application and online technologies. This brings us to nevertheless a different advantage of utilizing web site templates – functionality.


Apart from the very fact that a majority of world-wide-web templates occur pre-loaded with standard pages like ‘residence’, ‘about us’, ‘products/providers’, and ‘get in touch with information’, some also present add-on HTML and Flash purposes. It is possible to also pick word wide web design and style templates with characteristics such as photo gallery, on the web polls, are living chat or charge card processing if it can serve your objective.

However, despite the a number of strengths of working with site templates, a single can’t overemphasize the exact same.

Some from the negatives of utilizing a world-wide-web template to style a internet site are:

Exclusivity goes for any toss

As world-wide-web templates are freely obtainable for all to download at a provided cost, you can not assume to project a distinctive image of your corporation unless you’ve got skilled aid at hand to customize your website.

Comprehensive customization improbable

Even though internet templates might be customized to meet up with particular needs of your website site house owners, it will be a stretch to say that it is going to comply with their every and each and every requirement. The main problem that a person can confront even though utilizing a world-wide-web template may be the pre-determined area for written content and image, which when altered to suit 1′s demands, can mess up the layout in the site.

Certain ability requirement for customization

When you’ve got the site template, the onus of customization lies solely on you and except you might have the requisite software package and abilities to complete exactly the same, it will probably be of little assist. In addition, you also have to optimize your web blog for search engines like google.

However, getting explained that, with the right application at your disposal you’ll be able to effortlessly outweigh the negatives of using a website template to style and design a site.

In case you’ve enjoyed every one of the fascinating data you read right here about Web Templates, you’ll love everything else you find at Web Templates.

Major rules about web design

#1  Content

The web  is all about content.  All SEO experts  says, content is king!! Be sure writing unique and interesting content.  And of course make your web design clear to understand your content.

#2 Design is paramount.

When you meet someone for the first time, you want to make a good first impression.  The same should be true for your Web site.  The overall look and feel of the site is the first thing your visitors notice.  That is why all the sites we create look professional and attractive.

#3 Navigation should be intuitive.

There are few things more frustrating than not being able to find what you are looking for on a Web site.  Pages should be well-organized with a top-down design so that people can easily browse to where they want to go on your site.

#4 Color choice is critical.

Color selection can make or break a site.  Most of us know what it is like to visit a site that is just painful to look at.  When choosing colors, it is important to be consistent, choose colors that don’t clash, and make sure there is a strong contrast between the text and the background.  White is the safest choice for a background color, but other colors can work.

#5 Don’t forget the content.

Even if your site has an amazing design, it will not be productive if it lacks content.  There needs to be enough content on each page to make visiting it worthwhile.  If a page is extremely long, it may be a good idea to break it up into smaller ones.

#6 Make use of the full browser window.

People with large monitors typically don’t like seeing all the content of a Web page crammed into one tenth of their screen. Most sites created by Sharpened Productions scale to fill the browser window so that people with monitors of all sizes can make the most out of their screen real estate. If you need to use a fixed size, you can count on most visitors using a resolution of at least 1024×768.

#7 Develop for multiple browsers.

Despite what Microsoft would like you to believe, not everybody on the Web uses Internet Explorer on a Windows-based PC.  That is why we check our sites in multiple browsers on multiple platforms — to make sure everything appears uniformly. It is always best to catch problems ahead of time instead of relying on visitor complaints.

#8 Check the site for errors.

As any experienced editor will tell you, a wonderful piece of work can be greatly tarnished by a single small error.  For websites, this includes typos, broken links, and images that do not show up correctly.  Sharpened Productions is meticulous when editing your site.

(Respect to sharpened )

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